Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bien pues en lo personal me fue muy agradable utilizar este metodo para que practicaramos nuestro inglès ya que,por lo menos a mi me hace mucha falta hehe,esto nos lo pidio el teacher Juan Enrique Cabrales, que por cierto no tengo ninguna queja al contrario , solo me queda decirle que me agrado que fuera nuestro teacher y espero que nos vuelva dar clases.

Me gusto por que no es aburrido lo hacemos en la comodidad de nuestra casa y pues que mas podriamos pedir,aunque pues a veces no lo hacia por que se me olvidaba haha,pero bueno lo hice al fin hehe bueno y por que tenia que hacer otras tareas tambien ehh!! :P.

mmm que mas puedo decir!, solo que me gusto mas hacer el blog que hacer horas SAC hahaha XD.
bueno pues aqui esta mi humilde opinion hehe asi que espero y seguir escribiendo para practicar asi que no es el fin muahahaha .

Guy Ritchie ‘Doing Fine’ After Divorce Announcement

Guy Ritchie and Madonna's divorce announcement may have shocked the world, but a friend of the "RocknRolla" director told People he’s "doing fine."

"The divorce is news to you and everyone else, but for Guy this has been a long time coming," the friend told the mag.
"I think he’s sort of relieved that it’s all out there. He doesn’t have to fake it anymore."

Instead, Guy is pouring his energies into his latest project, the Robert Downey Jr.-starring "Sherlock Holmes" film, which is currently shooting in London.
"He’s very excited about his film, and he’s focused on that and getting on with it," the friend said. "For him, everything is really the same as before, only with more photographers. Yesterday was insane."

Meanwhile, Madonna is back on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour, having performed in Boston on Wednesday. But what about the kids?
"They are great," the friend said. "They are Guy and Madonna’s top priority. That’s all that needs to be said." The estranged couple’s children include Lourdes, Rocco and David. A rep for Madonna confirmed the divorce to the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Sailor moon one of the most entertaining,interesting and famous show on cartoon network.
It is a show based on a girl that has to save the world of a monster but she is very scared.

Every one even from a small child to an old man like this show it is highly enjoyble show that is why every one love! .

I simply love the concept of this show and the most special thing is the beautifuly animated characters,such a lovely show.


The Illini played a strong second half last night to pull away from Eastern Washington and win their 2008-2009 season opener. Trent Meacham hit three threes on his way to 18 points and Chet Frazier added 13 points. Those may end up as single game point highs for those two guys all season. Oh, by the way, the Illini are currently down 23-13 to Ohio St. at the half. But for two Juice turnovers the Illini may be winning this game. Matty Eller has boomed two big field goals to get the game to within 10. Let's see if Juicer can work some magic in the second half.

" A REAL NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! "

"No! it wasn't a dream! I'm sure there was something at the window!" I told my mother as she tried to comfort me in her arms. It wasn't very long ago that we had moved into our new house in Colorado, during that time nothing that nerve wrecking had ever happened to me. My room was just like any other room in the house never in my mind did I think that my room was going to become one of the most memorable rooms in my entire house.
It was about 11:30 p.m. when I was getting ready to go bed, like any other night I put on my pajamas, bushed my teeth and tucked in to my bed, which was right next to the only window in my room. Everything was normal until I turned off the lights from my nightstand. I laid there for about a minute with my eyes closed but still conscious of what was happening. Suddenly a slightly noise make me open my eyes I turned slightly toward the window since that’s where the small noise was coming from. I didn’t pay much attention to it since I thought it was our dog that might have been loose. But as I listened carefully it sounded like footsteps walking over dry leafs and grass and they seemed to be getting closer every time. That's when I started to get scared. Just when I was about to get up and calmly tell my parents , I heard a loud "thump!" on the window followed by the most horrifying and slow screeching noise. At that time I turned again slightly toward the window and saw a big figure on the window. At that moment I couldn't take it anymore and I screamed as loud as my lungs let me "HELP!" in less than five seconds my mother and my father came running through the door, at that time the only words that came out of my mouth were "there's someone at the window" immediately my father went outside to see if anyone was in our back yard and also to check behind the fence that surrounded our house. While my mother got me in her arms and tried to get me to explain what had happened. I was shaking and very pale looking; my mother took me to the kitchen to give me a glass of water to try to get me to stop shaking and to see if I got my color back. A few minutes later, just as I was finishing the glass of water mom had given me; my dad stepped in and said he had checked everywhere and that there was nothing there. I asked him if maybe it could have been our dog and he answered, "I too thought it was the dog, but I just checked and Wolf is still tied up in the garage there's no possible way it was him maybe it was some other animal". He tried to explain although as soon as he said that every hair in my body stood up because I knew the figure I saw wasn't an animal. My parents were convinced it was all in my imagination or that maybe it was all just a nightmare I had. They tried to convince me that I was just dreaming but I am more than sure that what happened that night was real. That night I slept with my parents and the next day my dad rearranged the room and put up a light outside the house so no animals would come near.
Many years have passed since that incident but I still remember it like if it were yesterday. Even though nothing like that ever happened again in that house I still know there was something out there just like there was something in me that told me that what ever was out there was not from this world or was it?.

Our last day on the beach was very nice. We weren't in a hurry and we really enjoyed ourselves. We arrived on the beach at about 10 am to find the tide pretty high still. So we set up our chairs just outside the tide's reach. Of course by the middle of the afternoon, the tide had gone out quite a bit so now our chairs were pretty far from the water's edge.

At one point, Fèlix came to us and told us he had to pee. Instead of go and look for a bathroom, we told him to just go out and pee in the ocean.In a few moments, we said "Hey, check out Fèlix".

He had walked just to the edge of the water, ankle deep, and dropped his pants. There he stood, using the ocean as his personal urinal, and us without a camera hahaha what a day we had lots of fun!!!!

Eagles have held a special place in the cultures of many civilizations because of their impressive size and beauty. Used to symbolize royal power, from ancient Egypt to the Roman and Napoleonic empires, eagles have appeared on coins, standards, and weaponry.

The near-threatened Harpy Eagle is one of the world's largest birds. These raptors (or birds of prey) are only found in the Central and South American rainforests. They are one of the 600 species of birds that inhabit Yasuni National Park.
Harpy Eagles are powerful raptors; they are able to pluck monkeys right out of tree tops. Besides primates, this voracious carnivore feeds on other birds, sloths, opossums, large reptiles, and large rodents. Their hunting skills can be attributed in part to their impressive anatomy. Harpies have talons as long as grizzly bear claws (5 inches) and their wingspan is near in length to the height of an NBA basketball player (6-and-a-half feet). They can fly at speeds above 50 mph. Females weigh 14-18 lbs. and are larger than their male counterparts, which weigh 10-14 lbs. Harpies' bodies are almost 3 feet long.

Harpy pairs mate for life and establish nests in high trees or cliffs (above 130 ft). Females lay 1-2 eggs that have an incubation period of 53-56 days. Usually only one offspring survives, and both sexes care for the young.

Harpy Eagles are in danger of becoming extinct due to habitat fragmentation, habitat destruction, and hunting. The proposed oil road into Yasuní National Park will fragment their habitat and could have a dire effect on the Harpy Eagles' already tenuous population.